VitaMan Skincare New Zealand

Body Moisturiser



150ml or 50ml


1. Light non-greasy cream
2. Absorbs and spreads easily
3. Hydrates and heals skin
4. Nourishes and conditions
5. Ideal hand cream

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera Gel Unique nourishing properties promote minor wound, burn and rash healing and is an excellent moisturiser and emollient.
Shea Butter Natural butter from the Shea nut that has excellent moisturising, emollient and humectant benefits to the skin.
Jojoba Oil An extremely fine, non-greasy and hydrating oil that moisturises and conditions the skin. Heals skin sores, wounds and acne.
Allantoin Anti-inflammatory, healing, calming and nourishing properties help stimulate growth of healthy skin cells.
Glycerine Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin.
Vitamin A & E Antioxidants that protect skin cells from environmental damage. Considered an antioxidant superhero.  
Grass Lily Promotes rapid healing of the skin. Hydrates, moisturises and relieves skin irritations. Used to heal burns, cuts and abrasions.


Ideal for daily use, especially if outdoors or doing sporting activities.

Apply after showering to the entire body or whenever the skin is dry.

Perfect as a hand cream.

Suitable for all skin types.

This Product is Good For

Dry and dehydrated skin

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VitaMan, now in New Zealand, is a product that utilises the ancient wisdom of indigenous people through unique native plant extracts. These rare fruits and herbs offer genuine and natural solutions for both skin, hair and well-being for men of all ages. We are proud to be the exclusive agent for VitaMan products in New Zealand. All orders shipped the same day from Auckland.

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