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VitaMan’s inspiration is drawn from the Australian Outback

A passion for nature and for the science of Australian indigenous ingredients is the foundation of VitaMan's products. All VitaMan products have been made using proven natural ingredients that have a time-tested history of being effectively used for both medicinal and topical skin remedies by Indigenous Aborigines for over 40,000 years.



VitaMan formulates each product using the highest quality active botanical ingredients native to Australia- all with scientifically proven benefits. They’re enriched with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants, which endow the full VitaMan range with unique rejuvenating and anti-aging properties to combat all male skin and hair problems.

The unique Indigenous Australian plant, herb, and fruit extracts plus locally grown 100% pure essential oils in VitaMan products provide soothing comfort, assist with the healing process and reduce redness. These include:



Aloe Babadensis’s nourishing properties assist to promote minor wound, burn and rash healing and is an excellent moisturiser & emollient. It is a skin/hair soother, repairer and collagen booster. It is used in the best selling men's moisturiser - VitaMan Face Moisturiser.


Rich in over 35 active minerals, particularly silica, Australian active clay is used as a masque, which assists to draw out toxins. An ancient clay mud sourced naturally, it contains over 35 active minerals. Through Zeolite activity a natural osmosis process when applied it allows the skin’s surface cells to both eliminate toxins and excess water from the skin, whilst allowing the active minerals to be absorbed and utilized by the skin cells. 


Using Australian sourced coastal sea salt – a natural, gentle defoliant perfect for eliminating dead skin cells leaving skin feeling smooth.


Anti-septic and anti-microbial properties assists to relieve sore, sunburnt, itchy, irritated and/or flaky skin whilst cleansing and conditioning the skin and/or hair.


This is a calming, soothing oil suitable for irritated or sensitive skin and for restoring calm and balance. Derived from the native Australian Gum Tree, it is famous for its redness reducing and soothing properties and assists to treat and relieve sore muscles, aches and pains and increase the blood flow and circulation.


Containing powerful antioxidants along with a high amount of natural occurring Vitamin C, the natural Australian fruit extract helps prevent premature ageing and assists with skin repair.


Lemon Myrtle is a unique hybrid herb that helps to cleanse and protect the skin along with an amazing aroma that will stimulate the senses and invigorate the body.

Lemon Myrtle is another exceptional herb used by the Australian Rainforest Aborigines as a tonic plant – often boiled and drunk as a tea or used as a liniment for the skin. Leaves were crushed and the scent inhaled to help relieve chest and bronchial congestion, flu and colds.


A native Australian Wattle plant that contains highly absorbable resin, used to treat sore and tired muscles. If you have sore muscles after a workout use VitaMan's Desert Muscle Rub which contains Pidjawana Wattle Resin.


High in natural anti-oxidant phenols that absorb and counter free radical attacks while also protecting the skin.



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VitaMan, now in New Zealand, is a product that utilises the ancient wisdom of indigenous people through unique native plant extracts. These rare fruits and herbs offer genuine and natural solutions for both skin, hair and well-being for men of all ages. We are proud to be the exclusive agent for VitaMan products in New Zealand. All orders shipped the same day from Auckland.

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