VitaMan Skincare New Zealand

Moisturising Conditioner




1. Nourishes, hydrates and conditions dry or damaged hair
2. Natural plant extracts provide high quality protein to nourish and improve your hairs structure
3. Unique plant extracts provide anti-inflammatory properties to control scalp irritations
4. Refreshing and invigorating aroma

Key Ingredients

Quandong Seed Oil High in Vitamin C, it is excellent for treating sore, itchy, dry skin and controlling skin irritations and inflammation.
Aloe Vera Gel Unique nourishing properties promote minor wound, burn and rash healing and is an excellent moisturiser and emollient.
Witch Hazel Naturally astringent, antiseptic and cooling - excellent cleanser, tonic & toner for the skin.
Patchouli Oil Tones, tightens and smoothes rough, dry & cracked skin – masculine aroma
Cinnamon Oil Used to treat skin infection whilst imparting a warm, spicy aroma.
Hydrolysed Wheat Protein Conditioning protein derived from Wheat to promote healthy hair.
Extracts of Coltsfoot, Yarrow, Rosemary, Sage, Nettle, Birch, Birch Sap and Horsetail are essential ingredients that act as anti-inflammatories.


Can be used daily.

Use immediately after shampooing hair.
Apply liberally to wet, rinsed hair and massage into hair.
Leave in briefly before rinsing clean.

Suitable for all hair BUT specially developed for dry hair and scalps.

This Product is Good For

Dry hair or hair that is prone to damage caused by exposure to sun, salt or pool water

Curly or wavy hair

Dry flaky scalps

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VitaMan, now in New Zealand, is a product that utilises the ancient wisdom of indigenous people through unique native plant extracts. These rare fruits and herbs offer genuine and natural solutions for both skin, hair and well-being for men of all ages. We are proud to be the exclusive agent for VitaMan products in New Zealand. All orders shipped the same day from Auckland.

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